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Pre Roll Menu

Our latest pre roll menu now available in-store and for delivery. All pre rolls come in individual air-tight tubes. This is to ensure our pre rolls are stored hygienically and also to seal in the freshness and taste of the weed.

The Hottest Destination For Weed In Khao Lak

‘Buy Weed In Khao Lak’ is the hottest destination for cannabis in Khao Lak. Our professional cannabis service is open everyday from 10am – 1am. Shop in store or order a cannabis delivery.

High Quality Pre Rolls In Khao Lak

Buy weed in Khao Lak, from the best cannabis service. We have the very best high quality weed. Our weed is handpicked to ensure our clients have an amazing experience each and every time.

What Are Pre Rolls?

A pre-roll is a joint that has already been prepared and rolled beforehand. They are ready made smokeables, that you can light up and enjoy straight out of the packaging.

Why Buy Pre Rolls?

Pre-rolls are a cheap, portable and easy way to enjoy cannabis. You don’t have to invest money in buying equipment such as grinders, rolling papers, filters, bongs, etc to enjoy your cannabis.

You do not even have to waste time in grinding and rolling your joints. We understand not everyone is nimble fingered enough to roll the perfect pre roll. So, if you are lacking in rolling skills or you are a complete beginner – pre rolled joints are the perfect solution for you.

The pre-rolls contain a specific amount of cannabis which is a good way of controlling and keeping track of your intake. Ideal for beginners who are starting out on their cannabis journey.

The Largest Selection Of Pre Rolls In Khao Lak

We have 40 different strains available in pre-rolls. Our massive selection of flavours and strains guarantees that you are able to find something that is perfect for your tastes and needs.

We have the most comprehensive range of sativa, indica and hybrid weed in Khao Lak. Enjoy legendary weed, hot new strains, legacy weed and celebrity weed cannabis.

Pre Roll Delivery In Khao Lak

We offer weed delivery across Khao Lak everyday until 1am. Our professional customer service team are waiting to take your order. We can arrange quick and easy delivery to your home, hotel or villa. Quick, easy, discreet and convenient service every-time.

Weed Delivery In Khao Lak

Ordering a weed delivery in Khao Lak is quick and easy.

  1. Simply message us on any of our messaging or social media accounts.
  2. Our professional customer service team will send you a menu.
  3. All you have to do is send us your order and deliver location.
  4. Our customer support team will send you a total and let you know how long it will take for the driver to arrive with you.
  5. When the driver is close by we will send you a message to give you time to prepare for meeting the driver.
  6. When the driver arrives we will let you know! We will send you a photo of the diver and where they are waiting for you.
  7. You can then meet the driver and pay cash on delivery!