Animal Face

Animal Face is very rare sativa dominant strain measuring 26% THC. Animal face is a champion strain winning the ‘Emerald Cup’ in 2022. Bred by Seed Junkies Genetics, it’s DNA is a mix of Face Off OG and Animal Mints. Animal face takes the best properties from each of it’s parents. The sheer potency from Face Off OG and the smooth cookie taste from Animal Mints.

Animal Face offers a unique mind and body high. From the first inhale your mind will be filled with a euphoric, happy feeling. You will enjoy amazing cerebral effects which will chase away any negative thoughts. Your focus will melt away – which is perfect for when you simply want to escape your daily life and problems. Although the high is intense you will still be functional.

The amazing mind high soon gives way to a super relaxing body high. Your body will buzz and tingle from head to toe as you enjoy a period of blissful relaxation. If you suffer from any chronic aches and pains animal Mints will ease them away.

Animal Face, has an aromatic aroma a unique mix of menthol, nutty, sweet cookies and, diesel. It is excellent for anxiety, stress and depression. It’s anti-inflammatory properties are great for conditions which cause chronic pain – such as arthritis.

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Strain: Sativa
Grade: Exotic
THC: 26%
Effects: Cerebral High, Body High, Relaxing, Calming, Sleepy
Uses: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Relief, OCD, Insomnia
Taste: Mint, Cookies, Sweet, Diesel, Nutty, Menthol
Best Time To Smoke: Evening

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฿500 per gram