Apple Banana

Apple Banana

Apple Banana is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain. Measuring 24% THC, it has a very interesting parentage. Apple Banana is the result of a series of cross breeding. Platinum cookies was crossed with the legendary Grandaddy Purple. The result of this pairing was then crossed with Blue Power. The outcome from this last pairing was then finally crossed with Gellati to get the final product – Apple Banana.

Due to his hybrid properties, Apple Banana is a very versatile strain. It can be used as a morning ‘Wake & Bake’ or for an evening smoke session. It’s versatility means that is a perfect solution for many different needs and situations.

Apple Banana can be used to manage chronic stress, appetite loss, nausea, muscle aches and anxiety.

Apple Banana kicks in very quickly before you know it you will be entering into a heady euphoric high. Your creativity will come to life which is great for any artistic or creative tasks.

This strain can also act as an aphrodisiac and increase arousal sensations. After the initial heady high it’s indica properties will kick in. You will enjoy a full body high. Your body will tingle from head to toe as all problems and stresses melt away.

Apple Banana has a spicy diesel aroma. As for the taste it has a unique sweet and fruity profile. You will experience sweet bananas followed by sour apples and pine.



Strain: Hybrid
Grade: Exotic
THC: 24%
Effects: Creativity, Euphoric, Arousal, Body High
Uses: Stress, Muscle Aches, Loss of Appetite, Chill
Taste: Sweet, Fruity, Banana Sour Apples
Best Time To Smoke: Morning or Evening

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฿500 per gram