Cannabis Brownies (Sativa)

Delicious chocolate brownies infused with high quality sativa weed. These are the best weed brownies in Khao Lak. Our brownies are freshly baked locked in with potent active THC extract. Our brownies are also available in indica strain.

Our Sativa strain of brownies is best for those who would like an uplifting, mood boosting experience.



Buy weed brownies from the most trusted edibles supplier in Khao Lak. We are a legal cannabis service in Khao Lak and we legally submit our cannabis brownies for 3rd party lab testing for safety, potency and quality reasons.

Our deliciously moist, rich chocolate brownies contain a potent dose of high quality active THC. We have the strongest, best quality weed brownies in Khao Lak.

Enjoy the strongest weed brownies in Khao Lak. We have sativa and indica strain brownies available everyday in-store or for delivery across Khao Lak until 1am.


Additional information

THC Content

32.5mg THC




400 Baht

Lab Tested

3rd party lab tested