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Buy weed gummies in Khao Lak from a trustworthy edibles supplier. Our gummies are created by a legal medical doctor who is able to legally offer high grade medical edibles. All gummies are independently lab tested for safety, quality and potency.

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Cannabis infused gummies are the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy THC cannabinoids without the hassle of smoking or vaporising weed. The sweet delicious taste of the gummies are a great alternative to the earthy taste of smoking weed.

Gummies are a quick and convenient way to ingest a measured amount of THC. They fit in with a busy lifestyle perfectly. Just carry the gummies with you and take them discreetly as and when you may need them.

Our sativa gummies are designed to give you a mood boosting hit of energy. If you need to focus and want an uplifting experience sativa gummies are for you.

We have the safest edible gummies in Khao Lak. Our gummies are created by a medical doctor which is why we can offer high quality medical grade gummies. Our gummies are routinely 3rd party lab tested for quality, safety and potency.

Buy weed gummies in Khao lak from a trusted supplier of edibles. Our sativa gummies are available for sell in our store or for delivery.

Additional information

THC Content

30mg THC




200 Baht

Lab Tested

3rd Party Lab Tested


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