Pack Man Vapes

Direct from the USA, we present Packman premium cannabis disposable vape pens. Packman vapes are hugely in demand due to their superior quality, potency and delicious taste.

Packman Vapes use award winning genetics to create their unique live resin x liquid diamond vape pens.

The vape pens are designed to be compact and lightweight. They are pre-filled with 2 grams of THC liquid and ready to use straight out of the box. The pens have a built in long lasting battery, so you can use it for days without the need to recharge.

The vape pens are very potent weighing in at 90% THC. Enjoy delicious strains such as: Starburst Runtz, Watermelon Sour Patch or Mystery OG.

The disposable pens are priced at 3,000 baht.


Pack Man disposable vape pens available in Khao Lak. Premium quality vape pens direct from the Los Angeles cannabis brand – Dabwoods.

Choose from: Starburst Runtz, Watermelon Sour Patch or Mystery OG.

The Pack Man vape pens are very potent containing over 90% THC. Vape pens are available in store and for delivery in Khao Lak everyday until 1am.

Additional information

Disillate Content

90% THC

Vape Pen Set

3,000 Baht