Purple Bush (Snoop Dogg)

Purple Bush By Snoop

Purple bush is a indica strain by Snoop Dogg’s weed brand, ‘Leafs By Snoop.’  At 21% THC, this is a nice combination of mood boosting with a gentle relaxing body high. If you are looking for a chilled-out experience Purple Bush is perfect for you.

Purple Bush has a delicious sweet red berry taste with a kush-like earthy aroma.

Purple Bush, is excellent for depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain and loss of appetite. If you are a medical cannabis user, this strain will ease your aches and pains very well.

Kick back and let Purple bush calm your mind and body – be like the great man Snoop for an evening – cool, calm and collected.



Strain: Indica
Grade: Exotic
THC: 21%
Effects: Creativity, Euphoric, Relaxing
Uses: Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Chill
Taste: berry, Earthy, Kush, Cotton Candy
Best Time To Smoke: Evening

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฿500 per gram