Tangerine Man (Snoop Dogg)

Tangerine Man By Snoop Dogg

Thought to be one of the best sativas from snoop dogs weed brand ‘Leafs By Snoop.’  Tangerine man is a tangie strain that offers an energetic head high. If you’re feeling the blues tangerine man is a great little pick me up to lift your mood.

Its effect is similar to a very strong hit of caffeine by increasing your energy levels and making you mentally alert. Any mental or physical activities will be a breeze after smoking tangerine man.

Tangerine man is perfect for a daytime smoke when you need to get stuff done asap. The improvement on your creativity is awesome. So much so it is easy to find joy in the small details of any task you must complete.

The aroma and taste are very citrusy with elements of orange and grapefruit. Opening notes can smell a little funky with a chemical smell but they soon give way to a more citrus fruit-based aroma.


Tangerine Man By Snoop Dogg

Strain: Indica Dominant
Grade: Exotic
THC: 21%
Effects: : Creativity, Energetic, Pick Me Up, Uplifting
Uses: Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Taste: Sweet & Skunky, Hint of Citrus
Best Time To Smoke: Afternoon

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฿500 per gram

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