Weed Delivery In Khao Lak

'Buy Weed In Khao Lak,' offers a reliable and professional weed delivery service. We can deliver weed direct to your door within 30-60 minutes of order being confirmed. Depending on distance to your delivery location.

We are a fully legal and licensed cannabis delivery service. All of our cannabis products are 3rd party lab tested for safety, quality and potency. Buy with confidence from the most trusted cannabis service in Khao Lak.

Delivery service available every day until 1am.

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How Do I Make An Order?

Message Us

Send us a message on WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, FB or any popular messaging app. Request a menu from our customer support team and make your order.


Our customer support team will arrange delivery of your weed order. We can deliver within 60 minutes or you can pre-book delivery for a date and time good for you.


Receive your order discreetly. Clients pay cash on delivery direct to the driver. You can then relax, kick back and enjoy our amazing cannabis products.

Our Weed Delivery Menu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Deliver?

Yes, we have a weed delivery service all over Khao Lak.

What Are Your Delivery Times?

We deliver 1pm – 1am. If you would like a delivery before 1pm please pre-book your preferred delivery time.

Is Your Delivery Service Discreet?

Yes, we respect our clients privacy and ensure that all deliveries are carried out discreetly. We do not have any branding on our cars or our drivers clothing.

I Need A Delivery For When I Arrive

We can pre-book your delivery so you will receive your order at your hotel as soon as you check in. Contact us today to pre-book your delivery date and time.

Is This Legal?

Yes, we are a legal and licensed cannabis service. We have the correct permits issued by the Thai government. You can buy in confidence from ‘Buy Weed In Khao Lak.’

Categories of Weeds

Weed is divided into 4 different categories each with its own special properties and effects on the user. Some strains may help with fatigue and relaxation, others with boosting mood and energy levels and others help with pain relief.

Each cannabis category is also best suited for smoking at different times of the day such as morning, afternoon and evening.


Buy weed in Khao Lak legally with confidence. We curate incredible top-quality, hand-picked weed, concentrates, edibles and vapes. Quick and discreet delivery direct to your door 1pm - 1am daily .

  • Legal & Licensed Weed Delivery Service
    We are a fully legal and licensed weed delivery service. We have the correct licenses and permits issued by the Thai government to possess and sell cannabis.
  • Delivering Cannabis Everyday
    Delivery service is available every day across Khao Lak until 1am. Quick and discreet delivery direct to your door.
  • Weed Delivery Within 60 Minutes
    Fast and efficient delivery service in Khao Lak. We can deliver within 60 minutes of order being confirmed.
  • Professional Weed Delivery Service
    Our team of drivers are all professionally trained to transport weed. Our cars are fitted with appropriate storage to keep your weed in perfect fresh condition.
  • High Quality Weed
    The largest most comprehensive range of high quality exotic and top shelf weed in Khao Lak. We handpick the very best buds from around the world for our clients.
  • 5 Star customer Service
    Our professional customer support team are waiting around the clock to take your order, send you menus, make recommendations and update you on delivery.
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Order Delivery

Delivery service is available everyday 1pm – 1am. We can deliver 30 – 60 minutes after you confirm your order.

If you would like a morning delivery please pre-book your day and time. If you would like a weed delivery scheduled for as soon as you reach your hotel in Khao Lak, you can also pre-book.

Simply send us a message on your preferred messaging app. Our customer support team are ready to help you.

WhatsApp: 099 245 2473

Telegram: @buyweedkhaolak

Signal: 099 245 2473

Try our bongs

Using cannabis via a bong, you will get the most chilled, smooth and purified smoke with the maximum amount of THC.

Bongs are a major part of the cannabis culture because they allow you to take a big hit of cannabis at once. 

Bongs are also a great way of producing a smooth smoke. The smoke cools down in the bong water before you inhale it. Meaning that you get a smoother and healthier hit of cannabis.

We stock a range of different sized bongs. Ask us for details today.

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